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Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 12 – Give me a Break, Pants lengths & breaks

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer and tailor.

This week’s episode of Jackets required TV is about Pants – lengths or “breaks”. I want to thank Nicole Barca for requesting this week’s topic.

What is a “break” in regard to men’s slacks? It refers to the creasing of the pants as they rest on the shoes. The shorter the break, the more modern it tends to be, but I’m going to touch on the most popular breaks today.

The No-Break pant length is a modern trend. It’s not quite a crop but it is cut to have the pants just barely touch the top of the shoe. This is a European influenced style and is best on slim and short men and works best with narrow cut trousers.

The Slight Break allows the pants to sit on top of the shoes with little to no creasing at all. This is best with slim, not skinny, trousers and cannot be done with cuffs.

The Medium Break is the most popular these days and is perfect for the conservative, well-dressed gentleman. This break works best with heavier fabrics and works with cuffed pants as well. It is also a little fuller through the legs. This is the classic break.

The Full Break is used with a wide-legged trouser. This was very popular in the 20’s & 30’s when more cloth meant you spent more money on the tailoring. This break is best on heavier gentlemen, with lush fabrics and allows for a full leg.

The break you choose should reflect your personal style and of course provide the best fit. Breaks like hemlines change with the times but how risky you’re willing to get is completely up to you.

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