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Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 16 – Suit Fabrics

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, Designer & Tailor.

Buying a suit CAN be a complicated process, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. A new suit should be an empowering experience of sophistication and style that begins with selecting a well-crafted fabric.

There are certain elements to consider when choosing a suit fabric. The two most important elements are softness and breathability. It’s hard to be at your best if you feel trapped in a hot and scratchy suit that you chose and paid a pretty penny for. Get to know your fabrics or find someone you trust who does, like your tailor.

Here is a quick guide for fabric types…

The most popular is Wool. Wool is natural, breaths well and is well known for its versatility. There are many types of wool from tweed to worsted. Worsted Wool: is softer than regular wool. It goes through a combing process making it more durable, softer and able to be woven in many different ways.

Cotton is the 2nd most popular fabric. Cotton suits breathe and move well but they wrinkle easily which can make it look sloppy.

Linen suits are lightweight and great for warmer climates. They have an easy look but must be maintained to keep their quality.

Choose wool for a more luxurious look, cotton for regular wear and outdoor events and linen in the summer and semi-formal events and you’ll look and FEEL your best.

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