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Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 4: Black Tie Only

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer and tailor. With New Year’s eve fast approaching and many black tie events on the horizon throughout the season I am going to share with you how to tie a proper bow tie and how/when you should wear a cummerbund. Bow Ties are not as difficult as many imagine. Let’s walk through it…

  • First you drape the tie loosely around your neck, leaving one side a bit longer than the other.
  • Take the long side and cross it over the short, do not tie or knot it.
  • Then you take the longer side under and up through the hole between your neck and the bow tie and pull it tight.
  • Then take the short side, fold it over and create the top layer of your bow.
  • A bow tie has 2 layers – top and bottom
  • Take the long side and drape it over the top layer of the bow.
  • Now comes the make it or break it bow tie moment…
  • If you look at it from the side you can see the hole between your top layer and the bow tie.
  • Fold the top part over and thread it, doubled end over, through that hole and pull it out the other side.
  • Once you get it through there you’ve pretty much got it. Now tweak it to make it look perfect. Pull the folded ends together to tighten it.

Hope you found this helpful and educational.

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