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Our Process

There is nothing quite like wearing a suit, trousers or shirt made exclusively for you, to your requirements. Such a garment does more than simply clothe you – it speaks volumes about you and your style.


Our Process

It starts with a conversation and an espresso!

We need to know a little about you to guide you through the many fabric, trim and style options, so as to create a beautiful garment that not only reflects your personality but is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Measuring & Cutting

When we measure a client, we take careful note of more than just a set of numbers from a tape measure. We also look at posture and physicality, so as to create a perfectly balanced garment that enhances the client’s best features yet plays down any perceived figure flaws.

Making Process

Once the cloth has been selected, a bespoke pattern is made and the fabric is cut from this pattern. Then the magic begins as the cloth is sculpted into form with hours of stitching, contouring, shaping and pressing provided by the gifted hands of our tailors. Between two and four fittings should be expected throughout the making process.