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What Makes a Rocco’s Suit Extraordinary

roccos-suit-extraordinary-images-2Old world tailoring skills and new ideas merge seamlessly at Rocco’s. We are proud to dress classically elegant clients and fashion-forward rock stars, alike.

  • We have access to a huge range of the finest fabrics produced by the most famous Italian and British mills..
  • Between 60-120 hours of skilled work goes into each one of our custom suits.
  • A custom suit consists of approximately 3¾ to 5¼ yards of cloth (depending on the client’s requirements); 2¼ to 4 yards of lining; four different layers, including canvas, padding and horsehair, and countless reels of thread.


Tailoring Terminology

‘Custom’ tailoring

is also known as ‘bespoke’ tailoring. (A 17 th century word, derived from the verb ‘bespeaks’, literally meaning the customer “be speaks” his requirements.)


is often confused with custom but it is not the same. A made-to- measure garment is cut from a standard pattern and adjusted to fit an individual’s measurements before

‘Off-the-rack’ or ‘off-the-peg’

Mass produced and made to a standard size range, to fit a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Consequently, off-the- rack garments rarely fit anyone without needing alterations.